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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.. and have decided to throw caution to the wind and post some of the alternative work that i’ve been doing. Truthfully, I have been refraining from adding it to the Love Bree name, for fear of scaring off my current fan base. This new work comes from ... Read More


I always find myself asking my models to work out in the cold. Whether it’s snow, freezing winds or in this case, subzero waters. Thank you, brave and dedicated souls, for allowing me to bring to life the visions that stir inside of me.


Kae and I wanted to do something a little different a part from your typical “pretty girl in the forest” shoot. That’s not really my thing. TWIST is the result of two minds, a few props and a stunning autumn afternoon. 


Amidst all of the pretty images I’ve been posting, here is something from my darker side. As with some previous work, I’ve been nervous about sharing it, not knowing how it would be received. It’s edgy, dark, twisty. Emma was a sensational model, braving cold, rusty nails, broken glass and all around grime for this shoot. Thank ... Read More


One of the benefits of being a photographer is that you get to swindle your unsuspecting friends into spontaneous photo shoots! I LOVE this girl. She is positively fierce.