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EDITORIAL | LEMON + LACE | Paige Lewis Events

I am lucky enough to have a wonderfully diverse and talented family! My sister Paige is the owner of Paige Lewis Events – Wedding Planning and Design, a stellar event planning company. Her enthusiasm and natural gift for her work is unmistakeable! Paige and I ADORE working together, and we were lucky to have this shoot featured in magazine! ... Read More

EDITORIAL | BEAUTY by Jennesa Couture

Recently I had the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s premier hair stylists and DevaCurl expert Jennessa Couture. Introducing the ever stunning Shay Lynn (yes, you’ve seen her elsewhere in my “Give Me Shelter” shoot!). Hair, Makeup and Styling by Jennessa Couture.

EDITORIAL | Paige Lewis Events

I am lucky enough to have a wonderfully diverse and gosh darned talented family! My sister’s name is Paige, and to look at us, you’d never believe we’re sisters! I’m short, brunette and shop at thrift stores – she’s tall, blond and wears Prada. Despite our apparent differences, Paige and I are quite close! The ... Read More


When girls get together to shoot a spur of the moment pin up shoot, fun is surely had! Little did I know at the time that it was Meagan Callen’s (the hottie with the long hair) first time in front of the camera! This beauty is MADE for runway and print. She has since moved ... Read More

Behind The Scenes!

If you’ve ever worked with me before, you know firsthand that I LOVE climbing! I’m an absolute monkey/ninja when i’m working! This is a shot of me hanging by my legs from the ceiling rafters, and the subsequent photo that stunt produced!